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Ask Your Board These Questions to Start Seeing Sold Out Audiences

January has a lot of excitement. It brings renewed energy, strategy re-evaluation, and of course…BOARD RETREATS! While your board most likely won’t be involved in a lot of the marketing decisions, it’s their job to drive the strategy of your organization.

Take 30 minutes with your board to answer the following questions. The answers will give your marketing team clear direction in building their strategy and I promise it will be 30-minutes well-spent! Remember, when you market to everyone, you market to no one.

#1 - Who is not coming that we want to target?

Be very specific. Is it the working mom who needs a night out? Families? Double-Income, No Kids? Single Young Professionals? Pick ONE new Target Audience to work on cultivating this year, keeping in mind you’ll still need to create content for your already loyal patrons.

#2 - What unresolved needs does this audience have?

Are they longing for community?

Looking for a date night away from the kids?

Looking for like-minded people?

Looking to expose their kids to something fun, yet educational?

#3What can we offer that they can’t find anywhere else?

There are so many activities to choose from. Why should they spend their hard-earned income on your organization?

#4What are their barriers?

Is it the anxiety of what to wear to a show?

That they won’t understand the language?

That it seems too “posh”?

How can your marketing strategy alleviate those barriers?

Ready to build your marketing strategy but not sure where to start? Schedule a consultation.



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