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I'm About to Launch a Creative Business - What Marketing Materials Do I Need?

Marketing collateral. Heard of it? Completely overwhelmed by it?

Congratulations! You're getting ready to share your art with the world! You head to the Google Machine to find the "Top 10 Marketing Materials All Artists Should Have". You're immediately bombarded with page after page of materials you "need" before you can put yourself out there.

So. Many. Questions.

Do I need a logo? Should I hire a graphic designer? I need print materials? Who's gonna design those? A website seems important. Do I need to hire a developer too? How do I run social media? I need recordings and headshots too? What's this "brand" thing marketers keep referring to? All of this can quickly become overwhelming and paralyze you.

Can't I just share my freaking art already!?

What's the bare minimum? Here's a list of suggestions in order of importance.